Announcement of APP Version Update V3.0.5

Dear KINE users, In order to further optimize your trading experience, KINE has launched version V3.0.5 on May 28, 2024. This update brings a series of new features and improvements aimed at providing a superior trading experience for global users. You can now easily browse our products and services and download the latest version of the application at any time.

1.Biometric Login Support on the APP

Users can choose to log in to the KINE App using either "Biometric Login" or "Regular Login". When using "Biometric Login", simply select the desired account for login.

How to enable Biometric Login: In the KINE App, go to User Center > Security Settings to enable or disable the biometric login feature. After enabling Biometric Login, the system will utilize the biometric key collected from the user's device.

Additionally, we strongly recommend that you enable two or more verification methods to enhance the security of your account and protect your personal information and assets from threats.

2.Addition of TradingView Position Drawing Feature on the Web

The trading page on the KINE website will display current position information, including position quantity, position direction, and position profit and loss. Profits are marked in green, while losses are marked in red, helping users to clearly understand their position status and adjust their trading strategies in a timely manner.

KINE does not provide any recommendations or guarantees for any virtual assets, products, or activities on the platform. Virtual asset prices are subject to significant fluctuations, and investing involves risks that require caution.

We always adhere to the operational philosophy of prioritizing users and serving users, and we are committed to creating a professional, secure, and trustworthy digital asset trading environment for global users.

Kine Protocol Team

May 28, 2024

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