KINE Copy Trading 2.0 Upgrade for Mobile App Successfully Completed

Dear KINE users,

Following several months of product refinement, the upgrade for the KINE Copy Trading System 2.0 has been successfully completed on September 12, 2023, at 07:00 (UTC). We kindly ask you to manually update your app to version 2.8.8 and navigate to the Copy Trading page to explore the enhanced features.

The primary objective of this upgrade is to deliver a highly user-friendly, straightforward, transparent, and efficient trading experience for both traders and followers. By doing so, we aim to maximize profitability and foster mutually beneficial outcomes.

The advantages offered by this upgrade are as follows:

Benefits of Following Top Traders on KINE

As a KINE "Follower," you can effortlessly earn profits without worrying about market trends, strategies, positions, or skills.

  1. Safe and reliable

  • All traders are strictly audited, and their historical trading data is transparent and publicly available. We offer comprehensive data displays, allowing you to choose from thousands of top traders.

  • The trader data is all sourced from KINE's actual trading accounts, ensuring that the data is real, timely, and transparent. Follow and trade records are traceable, allowing followers to confidently execute trades.

  1. Effortlessly profitable

  • Once you start following a trader, your trades will automatically sync with their opening and closing positions. You don't need to monitor the markets or analyze trends - following top traders in the industry will give you access to high yields with ease.

  • Your profits from the trades you follow will be intuitively displayed in real time.

  • You can adjust the amount and contract size of your trades at any time, as well as stop following or closing trades to lock in your profits. Everything is under your control as a follower on KINE's platform.

Benefits of Becoming Top Traders on KINE

Becoming a "Trader" on KINE offers you the opportunity to earn profits from both traffic and commissions. Here are the advantages you can enjoy:

  1. Highest Profit Sharing in the Industry

As a Trader, by attracting followers, you can directly earn a minimum of 10% - 30% of their profit. This profit-sharing mechanism is one of the highest in the industry, ensuring that you receive substantial returns from the profits generated by your followers.

  1. Massive User Base

  • The Copy Trading feature is available to all KINE users, without any restrictions.

  • As a high-quality trader, KINE provides you with the opportunity for exposure. Our official platform and channels actively recommend and promote top traders to attract a larger user base. This means that you can access a significant amount of traffic, increase your influence, and attract more followers. With more followers, your earnings will further increase.

In the future trading journey, we will continue to bring you more optimizations and innovations, paving a broader path for your trading endeavors. We appreciate your trust and support in KINE!

Please note that KINE reserves the right to modify, change, or cancel this announcement at any time and for any reason. The specific details will be based on the online standards, and the above information is provided for reference only. Additionally, KINE does not provide any recommendations or guarantees for any virtual assets, products, or activities on the platform. Virtual asset prices are subject to significant fluctuations, and investing involves risks. Please exercise caution when entering the market.

Kine Protocol Team

Sep 12, 2023

Last updated