Kine First Global Strategic Analyst Now On Board

Dear all users,

Great news! Kine has officially welcomed its first global strategic analyst, Crypto Hu Shi, to our in-app Livestream. Whether you are a trading novice or an expert, you can now share trading experiences, learn about candlestick charts, and discuss market analysis with Crypto Hu Shi.

Download the Kine App now and join Crypto Hu Shi in exploring the excitement of trading! With just one click on the Kine App, you can get started and learn trading skills. We also provide 20 technical analysis videos filled with valuable information to facilitate your learning journey. Register now and embark on your journey of learning!

The Kine Global Strategic Analyst Program aims to open the door to decentralized trading for more users, giving everyone the opportunity to become the next trading star! If you have any suggestions or encounter any issues, please feel free to contact our customer service.

Happy trading on Kine!

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Kine Protocol Team

Sep 28, 2023

Last updated