New Features on Kine Exchange

Dear users,

In order to provide you with a better trading experience, we have recently upgraded and introduced a series of new features. Here are the exciting highlights of this upgrade:

  • Switching between reward modes: Now, you can switch between reward modes according to your preferences, allowing you to flexibly adjust your trading strategy and take control of your earnings.

  • New user guidance of Reward Center Bonus: New users can enjoy exclusive guidance on reward features, helping you quickly grasp them and become a trading expert from scratch.

  • Profit and loss poster sharing: Every step in trading represents growth, and we have prepared profit and loss posters with poetic verses for you to share the beauty of trading with others.

  • Addition of position sharing: Now, you can conveniently manage additional positions on the web platform, enabling you to better seize trading opportunities.

  • New user security rewards for binding safety measures: In order to ensure the security of your assets, we have launched an activity that rewards newcomers for binding security measures, providing you with peace of mind during your trades.

  • Order book explanations: We have provided clear explanations for situations where there is no order book, allowing you to better understand the trading process.

  • Trading page slider: To make your trading experience smoother, we have added a slider function on the trading page, making trades more effortless.

In our future trading journey, we will continue to bring you more optimized and innovative features, paving a broader path for your trading endeavors. Thank you for your support and trust! Wishing you a pleasant trading experience!

Kine Protocol Team

Aug 14, 2023

Last updated