Rules of LP Trading Challenge Campaign

How to play

First Step:

Select "Next Session" on the event page, then click on "Register Now" to pay the registration fee

Second Step:

Pay attention to the time. Within the game period, you can complete the game by trading once per day.

Third Step:

After the competition, users who has completed the competition can equally share the current reward pool and get a reward ≥ the registration fee


Q: How to complete the competition?

Within the time period of the competition, users can complete the competition by trading once per day. Assuming that the current competition time is 09.07 00:00:00 - 09.09 23:59:59 (UTC+0), then users need to complete at least one transaction in each of the following three time windows to be regarded as valid entry.

[09.07 00:00:00-2022.09.07 23:59:59(UTC+0)]

[09.08 00:00:00-2022.09.08 23:59:59(UTC+0)]

[09.09 00:00:00-2022.09.09 23:59:59(UTC+0)]

Q: How to share the reward pool?

After registering and successfully finishing the competition, as a reward, users can share the current reward pool equally (my registration fee + the registration fee of users in the same group who did not meet the standard), and a reward (reward≥ registration fee) can be obtained.

Q: Will the reward be refunded if I didn't finish the competition?Failure to complete required missions will be considered as a failure of the competition. The registration fee for that season will not be refunded, and it will be used as a bonus reward for users who meet the standards in the same period.

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