$Kine Trading Fee Deduction Officially Launched!

Dear KINE users,

We are excited to announce that the platform will officially launch the $Kine token trading fee discount on November 21st at 4:00 PM Singapore time. All $Kine token holders can now benefit from reduced trading fees by activating this feature in addition to their existing membership-level discounts. This added advantage is applicable to both spot and futures trading.

To access specific rules, please refer to the following documents:

Perpetual Trading Fees Discount

The introduction of this feature is designed to empower products with a user-centric approach, consistently refining and enhancing our offerings to deliver improved value and experiences for our users.

KINE explicitly refrains from providing recommendations or guarantees for any virtual assets, products, or activities on the platform. Given the significant fluctuations in virtual asset prices and the inherent risks associated with investments, users are advised to exercise caution when entering the market.

Our steadfast commitment is rooted in the principle of prioritizing users and serving their needs. We are dedicated to cultivating a professional, secure, and trustworthy digital asset trading environment for users across the globe.

Kine Protocol Team

Nov 20, 2023

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