Kine Protocol Version 2.7.9 Update Announcement

Dear Kine users,

Kine Exchange will go live with version 2.7.9 on July 15, 2023 Singapore time. Below is the introduction of version 2.7.89update:

  • Homepage Optimization

The home page of functional module optimized from one line to two lines, which includes Deposit, Copy Trade, Rebate, Notice and other highlight features.

  • Perpetual Optimization

  1. The location of the previous [Split Position]and [Combine Position] has been changed to the center of the trading page, which help users to adjust the position mode more easily.

  2. Under the condition of selecting USDT, the amount you enter is the Cost Amount. (Please note that the Cost Amount includes trading fees

Deposit & Withdraw

  1. Add new options on this page of deposit and withdraw assets, such as searching for coins, popular coins, and selecting multiple coins such as ETH, USDT, and XRP.

  2. To avoid the loss of coins due to the inconsistency between the selected network and the platform, the system will now automatically pop up the selection of the network and asset security tips once users finish selecting assets in the depositing process.

  1. The assets page is optimized down into 4 pages: Overview, Assets Account, Trading Account, and Copy Trade Account.

  1. The Overview page will present users with the amount and percentage of the asset account, trading account, and copy trade account;

  1. Asset Account has added currencies and their corresponding available amounts. Users can click on the cryptocurrency to go directly to the function of deposit &withdraw function. Click on the icon on the right side of the asset list to view financial records.

  2. Trading Account, where users can view the total margin, unrealized profit/loss, available margin and other amounts and positions on the trading page. Click on the icon to the right of the asset list to view financial records.

〓 Version Updates〓

  1. [New] Customized modification of avatar and nickname;

  2. [Added] self-selected poster templates;

  3. [New] Turkish language added. The total number of languages supported by Kine now is 12.

Thank you for your support of Kine Protocol!

Kine Protocol Team

July 15, 2023

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