Super Blind Box Launch: Unveiling USDT Surprises Every Day

Dear Kine users,

Kine's exciting new feature, the Blind Box, will be launching on August 9th to 10th on both our website and mobile app. It's an exciting opportunity for everyone to join and earn extra USDT every day!

To enhance your understanding and ensure a better experience with us, we have prepared some Q&A regarding the Blind Box feature:

Q1: What is the Daily Super Blind Box?

A1: KINE's Super Blind Box has arrived! This is a groundbreaking operational innovation that brings you daily, real USDT giveaways with no limit on the amount you can claim! We have eliminated the business team and adopted a DAO organization model, which means that every user on the platform has the opportunity to become a broker, a business entity for KINE. The salaries and rewards that were previously reserved for the business team are now distributed among all brokers based on their trading volume and the size of their promoted teams. Everyone has the chance to become a business entity and awaits the opportunity to earn millions!

Q2: Who can participate in and claim rewards from the Daily Super Blind Box?A2:





Trading Users

USDT, Perpetual Bonus, Trading Fee Rebate Coupon

Q3: Where can I find the entrance to the blind box feature?

A3: Open KINE App, there are three entrances: Firstly, a splash screen pop-up poster appears during the event. Secondly, there is a floating ball icon. Thirdly, there is a banner in the scrolling marquee. On the web, there are also three entrances: Firstly, you can hover over the Benefits Center. Secondly, there is a blind box icon in the Member Center. Thirdly, there is a banner on the homepage of the official website.

Q4: What is the time frame for drawing the Daily Blind Box?

A4: The Daily Blind Box drawing takes place between 20:00 and 24:00 (UTC+8).It is important to note that you need to claim your blind box within this timeframe, as any unclaimed blind boxes will expire.

Q5: What are the rules for drawing Blind Box rewards?

A5: To ensure fairness and maximize rewards for our platform partners, we have developed a new AI intelligent algorithm. The specific rules are as follows:

For Affiliate: The main factors considered include the number of directly invited users, deposit amounts, trading activity, and team trading volume. Random rewards are also given. Therefore, the larger your team and the more users you invite, the higher your blind box rewards will be.For individual traders: The primary considerations are net deposit amount and daily trading volume. The larger your trading volume, the higher priority you'll have to receive USDT rewards, larger bonus amounts, or fee discount coupons.


  1. Instant Daily Rewards: Once you unlock the Super Blind Box, your rewards will be credited to your account in real time, ensuring an immediate and delightful experience.

  2. Open to All KINE Users: The thrilling Super Blind Box event is available to all KINE users, regardless of whether you're a new or existing user. Everyone has a chance to participate and win substantial rewards.

  3. Exclusion of Liquidity Providers: As this event is tailored for regular users, liquidity providers are unable to participate. Our goal is to provide you with more enjoyment and profits through this specially designed event!

Thank you for your support and trust in the Kine Protocol platform! We will continue to enhance our decentralized products, services, and user experience to deliver exceptional service.

Kine Protocol Team

Aug 9, 2023

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