KINE APP Upgrade to Version 2.8.14

Dear valued KINE users,We are excited to announce that KINE has launched version V2.8.14 on November 16, 2023, bringing a range of new features and improvements to enhance your trading experience. Here are the new features and improvements:

1.Daily/Weekly Profit Leaderboard

We've implemented a profit rankings feature on the KINE APP, creating a space for users to showcase their trading expertise. This not only offers a stage for users to demonstrate their skills but also serves as a valuable reference point for others in making informed decisions. Simply head to the homepage of the KINE APP and find the profit rankings under the functional center. Click to explore the daily and weekly user profit standings.

2.Increased Maximum Copy Trading Limit

The maximum copy trading limit has been raised from 5000 to 8000, offering users a more flexible trading space.

3.$Kine Real-time Pricing & Changes

The APP homepage now displays the current price and percentage change of $Kine token. This addition on the KINE APP homepage allows you to conveniently check and stay updated on price movements at any time.

4.Trader Application Notifications

Following the submission of a trader application, users not meeting the criteria will receive an inbox notification within three working days, indicating disapproval or reasons for non-approval. Users can update their account information based on the inbox message for a smoother reapplication process.

5.Landscape Mode Added for Live Streaming

To enhance the live streaming experience, we've added a landscape mode. Users can now switch to landscape mode while using the KINE APP to watch live streams.

6.Shortcut Options for Adjusting Leverage

We've introduced shortcut options for adjusting leverage on the leverage adjustment page. This allows users to quickly select their preferred leverage multiples during the trading process.

7.Curve Chart on the Asset Page

The asset page now features an asset curve chart, providing users with an easy way to understand the trend of their assets. To view, open the KINE APP, click on "Assets" at the bottom of the homepage, and access the asset overview page.

8.Other Functionality Enhancements

Additionally, we have optimized the poster-sharing feature. The trading posters shared by users will now display the "shared profit amount." Feel free to explore this new enhancement by downloading KINE APP.

Please note that KINE does not endorse or guarantee any virtual assets, products, or activities on the platform. Virtual asset prices are highly volatile, and investing carries risks. Exercise caution when entering the market.

We consistently uphold a user-first approach, operating with the mission to serve our users. Our goal is to create a professional, secure, and trustworthy trading environment for users worldwide.

Kine Protocol Team

November 16, 2023

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