Rules of Beginner Task

Complete Beginners Tasks to Earn 200 LP

Complete Beginners Tasks to get 200 LP, details as follow:

1.Registration Task

Every new user who completes the registration after November 7, 2022, is considered to be a valid participant.

2.Deposit Task

After completing the Registration Task, the 30-day net deposit amount ≥ 100 U Net deposit amount (deposit amount - withdrawal amount)

For example: If user A completes registration as a new user on November 8, deposits 200U on November 9, and withdraws 100 U on November 20, then user A's net deposit amount is 200 U-100 U=100 U. If all the conditions are met, the deposit task is deemed to be completed.

3.Trading Task

Besides completing the registration tasks, there is a 5-day trading record on that account, and the single-day trading volume ≥ 2,000 USDT


1)To ensure event fairness, it is strictly forbidden to register accounts in batches, wash trading, etc. If the user has any malicious behavior that affects the normal operation of the event, KINE platform will immediately disqualify the reward, and the user's account may be frozen in extreme cases.

2)API users cannot participate in Beginners Tasks and Returning Tasks, and they will be automatically disqualified after participation, and rewards will not be issued either.

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