Copy Trader Recruitment Event

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In order to recruit excellent trading strategy providers, Kine will launch the “Copy Trader Recruitment Event" from May 27th to June 27th. During the event, perpetual traders are welcomed to participate. We will provide you with a broad platform and high commission benefits!

Event time: May 27, 2022 - June 27, 2022

We welcome strategy providers onboard!

During the event, experienced traders are welcomed to sign up for the "Copy Trader Recruitment Event". Traders fill in the information form, submits their personal information and past trading records, and passes the initial review in order to obtain the qualification and Its genesis order reward of 50usdt. Traders can also enjoy one-click ordering and high percentage of revenue sharing.

· Conditions for passing the review as follow:

· The current margin type of your account at Kine is USDT margin

· The current position mode of your account at Kine is split position mode

· This account currently has no positions opened, no current orders, and no following other traders

· The deposit amount on our platform are greater than or equal to $1000 at the time of application

· The winning rate of this account on our platform is higher than 50% at the time of application

· The number of days that you trading on our platform has reached at least 7 days, and the total number of orders opened shall not be less than 20 (both opening and closing position will be counted as 1 order, and you need to have trading records in order to be counted as a valid trading day)

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May 27, 2022

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