Announcing Kine Loyalty Points Airdrop Events!

Loyalty Points Airdrop Phase I, Bettah Tester

Dear Kine users, partners, and community fam:

We are thrilled to announce that starting from 2022–10–14 11:00 (UTC), a series of Loyalty Points (LP) Airdrop Events will be officially launched!

The Kine Loyalty Points aims to build an incentive-based user ecosystem and contribute to a more decentralized and versatile community for our users. In the following weeks, we will launch a series of LP airdrop events for the most loyal and active users in our community. 💚

🤔 FAQs about Kine Loyalty Points (LP)

1. What Exactly The Kine Loyalty Point Is?

An incentive and benefit

Loyalty Point, abbreviated as LP, is a type of utility point newly issued by Kine Protocol, which plays a vital role as a user incentive in the whole Kine ecosystem. The amount of it reflects how closely you interact with us to some extent. Everyone can gain LP easily through Airdrops and participation in our community events in the future. In return, your LP points can be redeemed for exclusive perks and benefits from our upcoming “Mission Center” section on Kine's official website.

A special KEY for surprises

In addition, LP can be used as a unique KEY 🔑 to unlock the ‘Treasure Boxes’ (a feature that will be updated soon) in later activities. Accumulating more LP will increase your chances of getting the big rewards directly. Here we leave you in suspense, please stay tuned for the detailed update in the next episode sooner!

2. What’s The Difference Between LP And Token?

Our LP points are not newly distributed tokens. A token, normally, represents a special virtual currency asset that is fungible and tradable, such as $KINE, whereas LP is just a form of certification that only means your achievements and involvement inside the Kine ecosystem.

Based on this distinction with tokens, LP cannot be bought and sold in the market, either. In general, no matter how much LP you gain, it can only consume and redeem on Kine as well. And as an LP gainer, all benefits and value you have are closely related to the right to enjoy exclusive privileges and win potential rewards in future events.

3. How Can I Get Kine Loyalty Points?

As an active participant in the Kine ecosystem, you will get a specific amount of LP equaling your contribution once you complete the tasks in the events. There are 3 major phases to get Kine LP for now. Starting from 2022–10–14, a series of Airdrop events will be launched firstly. Please pay close attention to relevant event information released on Twitter and the community. Check our event timeline down below. 👇

‘π’, the symbol of Kine LP, is infinite and will never end, just like the kine fam power

Phase Bettah Tester LP Airdrop [2022. 10. 14 - 2022. 10. 20]

Phase Genesis NFT LP Airdrop [2022. 10. 20 - 2022. 11. 7]

Phase LP Mission Center Online [2022. 11. 7 - Ongoing]

Don’t want to miss our events? Afraid of missing out on any chance to be one of the first airdrop recipients? Please join our 📮 official mailing list today!

4. How Do I Check Loyalty Points on Kine?

You can check your LP at “Mission Center”, which will be launched on 2022.10.20 on Kine’s official website. Let’s follow the guide to be familiar with the steps down below:

Step 1 Open and log in

Step 2 Find “Mission Center” in the menu of “Game Center”

Step 3 Your LP amount will be displayed on the right side (red mark)

Note: Please activate your account on between 2022.10.13 and 2022.11.12 through any way of login. We will immediately airdrop LP to you once the login behavior it’s done. Then you can check your LP amount in the “Misson Center” successfully. Overdue login will affect the distribution of your LP and make it invalid. Any questions or problems related to this process, please contact us or click here. Thanks for your understanding.

Again, to keep updated with all the Airdrop info 👉 join our 📮 official mailing list now!

Thank you for your continued support!

Kine Protocol Team


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