Rules of LP Treasure Hunt

1.The rule of this activity is to deposit LP to participate in the lucky draw, and you will be able to have a chance to win the prize in cryptocurrencies.​

2. The deposit of LP is calculated in shares, 1 share equals 160 LP.​

3. You can deposit LP multiple times before the final prize draw, up to 100 shares in a single game .​ 4. The more you deposit in LP, the higher the probability of winning.​

5. If the amount of LP left is not enough to enter treasure hunt , you can go back to Mission Center to get more free LP by completing the missions.​

6. As the overall amount of participating LPs reaches the threshold, our system will automatically draw the prize, and only one lucky winner will be drawn in each session.​

7. During the campaign period, if there are malicious cheating behaviors such as wash trading and batch registration, KINE will strictly review it and disqualify the user from participation. If the user has already received the reward, KINE will take it back.​

8. The final interpretation of this activity belongs to KINE. If you have any questions about the event, you can contact the online customer service.

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