Rules of World Cup

1. Duration: November 16 2022 ~ December 18 2022

2. Event Details: Predict the specified match result. Participants with correct predictions can share the big prize pool. During the prediction event, which will last for 28 days, participants will have chance to win the ultimate weekly prize pool according to their total number of the correct predictions!

3. Winning Conditions: The prediction is deemed correct only if the participant 's prediction is consistent with the real final result (win, lose, draw) of that match.

4. Predict Time: subject to the time presented on the event page.

5. Participate guide:

Step 1: Buy LP with USDT as event participation credentials

Users can predict matches assigned by the official KINE team every single day and purchase LP with USDT on the event page as participation credentials

Step 2: Place an order with LP to participate in the event

Users can place orders on the event page, with a single order starting at 50 LP and an unlimited number of orders.

Step 3: Check prediction results and rewards

Check the prediction results of the current match on the event page after the match

Step 4: Redeem your rewards for blind boxes

Users can redeem blind boxes of different values according to the LP obtained from the events, the blind box values range from 10-1000 USDT, and the redeemed blind box rewards can be directly withdrawn

6. Prize Pool for a Single Match

1) Prize pool composition: The prize pool for each game is composed of the LPs that all users put in their orders on the campaign page

2) Rules for Prize Distribution

Prize Pool Name

Prize Distribution


Prediction Prize Pool

User deposited LP per match

The user who correctly predicts the result of the match will share the total number of LPs deposited in the prize pool, according to: total number of LPs deposited / the total number of LPs deposited by all users who predicted correctly * total LPs in the prize pool

3) Reward distribution: Rewards will be distributed the next day after the announcement made.

4) Multiplier: The multiplier represent how much LP the fans who support the team have put in, and are calculated as: Multiplier = Total amount put in / Total amount put in (the current team). The higher the total amount deposited in the selected team, the lower the multiplier, thus the less the team will be rewarded for winning. The lower the total deposit of the selected team, the higher the multiplier, the more the team will be rewarded for winning. Winning bonus = LP deposited * multiplier

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