KINE Launches Zero-Fee Trading for All DeFi Users!

Dear all users, partners and community members:

To guide more people trade, learn and earn from DeFi, KINE has decided to introduce Zero-Fee Trading for all users on BTCÐ trading pairs from 2022–08–08 11:00 (UTC).

Validity Period: 2022–08–08 11:00 (UTC) until further notice

Event Rules:

During the validity period, all qualified users will enjoy zero fees for BTC/UDST & ETH/USDT margin (leverage) trading up to 100x.

Zero-Fee Trading applies to all users across 4 chains: ETH, BNB Chain, Polygon & Avalanche.

Both regular trading and copy trading users can participate.


1.What are qualified users for this event?

Wallet users on all 4 supported chains (ETH, BNB Chain, Polygon & Avalanche) during the validity period. Please note that email / mobile registered users are not qualified.

*Haven’t connected your wallet yet?

2. If I have registered with email or mobile before, can I participate in the event?

Yes, as long as you choose the way to connect your wallet during the validity period. (Refer to FAQ 1)

*Start earning now

3. How about referrer and referee during the event?

While the original referral program and commission standards will not change(, please note that if your referrer qualified with the zero-fee event rules, you will not receive this part of the commission. Also, the Ladder Referral Program is upcoming, stay tuned!

Thanks for your support all along!

Kine Protocol Team


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