Announcement on Launch Variety of TP&SL Functions

Dear users: Kine Exchange will go live on July 14, 2023 Singapore time with multiple take-profit and stop-loss (TP&SL) functions for perpetual contracts (includes TP&SL, position TP&SL, and trailing stop orders) to help users timely manage positions under market fluctuations.

  • Take Profit and Stop Loss in batches: Users pre-set a specified number or percentage, trigger conditions (take-profit or stop-loss price) and price of the close-out order, when the latest transaction price reaches the pre-set trigger price, the system will be set in advance by the commission price and the number of orders placed to the market, so as to achieve the take-profit or stop-loss.

  • Position Take Profit and Stop Loss: The Take Profit and Stop Loss is for the entire position, when the market price touches it, the system will close the position at the Take Profit and Stop Loss price.

  • Trailing Stop Orders: Tracking the market price of the stop loss and profit, its trigger price will follow the market fluctuations and changes in the triggering success will be placed on the market price of the order. This order can help users in the fluctuations in the market dynamically lock in profits or reduce losses, while the activation price can be used to set the order was activated price.

Thanks for your continuous support for Kine Protocol. Kine Protocol Team

Jule 14, 2023

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