Perfect Finale to the 2023 Thanksgiving Special Event!

Dear Esteemed KINE Users,

Gratitude is not just about encountering you; it's about living up to that encounter.

Our 2023 KINE Thanksgiving Special Event has wrapped up perfectly! We extend our heartfelt thanks for the companionship of all KINE users throughout this journey and appreciate the support and positive feedback for this event. During the 2023 KINE Thanksgiving Special Event:

👬 3,419 users gathered on KINE

🎁 Unveiled surprise token gift boxes

💰 Collectively received up to 423,750 KINE tokens

🎯 Highest individual collection reached 50,000

Moreover, as many as 1200 long-term active users on the KINE platform not only received KINE tokens but also unlocked additional bonus gifts. These mysterious tangible gifts are currently on their way to the participating users. These generous rewards are our way of expressing gratitude, aiming to bring warmth and joy to your season of gratitude is our privilege.

Our goal goes beyond numerical growth; it's about providing users with the highest quality service and products. In this Thanksgiving Special Event, we gained the trust and satisfaction of our users, which is our greatest pride and the cornerstone of our future development.

Our meeting is just a beginning, service knows no end;

Every past moment, a chapter in our tale, sailing high, breaking waves side by side;

The future holds promise, ever-changing days, hearts aligned in pursuing dreams, sharing victories together!

KINE will, as always, offer you more innovation, and more possibilities, eagerly anticipating the next chapter, continuing the journey side by side with you.

Kine Protocol Team

November 30, 2023

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