Kine WEB Registration Page Upgrade Announcement

Dear users and supporters,

We are thrilled to announce that Kine will be updating the registration pages for both the web and H5 on August 29th. This upgrade brings a range of new features and improvements, aiming to provide new users with a more convenient and intuitive way to explore the unique functionalities and services of Kine Exchange. It will guide new users to participate in exciting beginner activities right away and have a chance to win generous rewards!

Here are the detailed improvements we have made:

Let's dive into the details of the upgraded registration page.

  1. On the right side, you will find the familiar registration and login interface, offering two options for seamless access: CEX or DEX, allowing you to switch based on your trading preferences.

  2. On the left side, you can explore comprehensive information about Kine Exchange, including endorsements, security features, and important credentials. Currently, Kine is ranked among the top 3 DEXs on CoinMarketCap and holds a reputable MSB license in the United States.

  3. At the bottom of the registration page, you will see the exclusive "Welfare Center" module carefully designed for you by Kine.

Upon clicking on the "Reward Center" page, you will not only unlock various beginner tasks, but new users also have a chance to win rewards of up to 1642 USDT. What's more, don't miss out on our latest addition - the Daily Super Blind Box section!

Furthermore, we have also taken into consideration valuable feedbacks from our users regarding the optimization of our H5 (mobile-friendly) pages. Rest assured that the registration page upgrade applies to our H5 platform as well, providing you with an enhanced experience. Simply enter on your mobile device, and you will swiftly access the official website to register and embark on your decentralized trading journey!

At Kine, we highly value our partners and are committed to continuously improving their experience. Over the past month, we have optimized the affiliate dashboard, enhancing the display of data and other features, and making it easier for partners to promote. As part of this registration upgrade, we have introduced a brand-new version specifically designed for our partners. Now, Kine members have access to personalized official login pages that include their unique referral codes, personal information, and detailed event rules. This feature enables users to directly participate in the affiliate program, register transactions, and earn rewards using their exclusive referral codes!

If you are interested in joining the Kine Affiliate program, we warmly welcome partners from around the world to join us in building a better-decentralized trading platform.

For any questions or suggestions regarding this new upgrade, please feel free to reach out to our official customer service or join our official Discord community.

Kine Team

August 23, 2023

Last updated