K Square - Unlock a New Era of Social Trading

Dear esteemed KINE users:

We are thrilled to announce the new feature of "K Square," KINE's inaugural social module designed to foster positive community interactions. The platform currently supports various interactive features such as live streaming and posting. Here's a quick rundown on how K Square functions:


  • Find Creators or Streamers: Explore profiles of creators or streamers and view their dynamic content or live stream replays.

  • Discover: Browse the latest news, hot posts, and engage in interactions.

2.Follow: Easily access updates from creators you follow.


  • Watch Live: Effortlessly discover and watch interesting live content. Check the "Live Calendar" for upcoming broadcasts.

  • Follow Streamers: Explore popular channels and follow your favorite streamers. Access your followed streamers in "My - Following List."

  • Replay Past Streams: Catch up on past live content in the "Highlights" section.

4.Apply to be a Creator or Streamer:

Join K Square: Click "My" at the bottom right, select "Apply Now," and choose to be a creator or streamer. Enter the required information, submit, and await the results. You'll receive the outcome via email within 3 working days.

5.Other Features:

  • Share your poster: Click the send icon in the upper right corner to share your poster with your social circle.

  • Publish live streams or posts: Click the "+" at the bottom to share live streams or posts. Once approved, engage socially by liking and following other posts.


Exciting things are on the horizon, with upcoming updates that include the launch of our Points Mall, bringing additional surprises for our users.

Our commitment revolves around a user-first approach. We are dedicated to delivering a professional, secure, and reliable digital asset trading environment for users worldwide.

Kine Protocol

TeamDecember 12, 2023

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