May 24 - KINE Staking Rewards Sustained Release Mechanism

Starting Jun 1st (next Tuesday), Staking rewards on Kine.Finance will be vested. Newly earned rewards will be released in 180-day period.

You may claim your existing rewards before vesting kicks in. Each claim will reset the timer and it takes 180 days for newly earned tokens to be fully vested.

Here is an example for better understanding:

John finished his first staking on 5th May(so he has no claim history), system will record 5th May as his first rewards claiming time. After 30 days on 5th June, John has accumulated 1000 KINE rewards, now his matured rewards (claimable rewards) will be 30/180*1000 = 166 KINE, left with 834 KINE locked. Say John claimed the 166 matured KINE on 5th June, then in the meantime, system will update his most recent claim time as 5th June. Another 150 days later on 5th Nov, John accumulated 5834 KINE rewards, now the matured rewards will be 150/180*5834 = 4860 KINE (as its been only 150 days from 5th June when he claimed 166 KINE), left with 974 KINE still locked. To compare, if he did not claim on 5th June, he will be able to claim 180/180*6000 = 6000 KINE on 5th Nov.

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